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Teleportation Commands

/tpa <player name>

send a teleport request to a player

/tpy <player name>

accept a teleport request

/tpn <player name>

deny a teleport request


turn on/off teleport requests

/home <home name>

teleport to your home

/sethome <home name>

set a new home

/delhome <home name>

delete a home


set your health to 0 without much effort


teleport to an active hotspot that Elite VIP created


[Elite VIP] Create a hotspot that everyone can TP to with /hotspot, lasts for 1h and you can do 2 per day

Communication Commands


groupchat commands, /gsay to send messages faster

/msg <player name>

message a player


reply to the last player who messaged you


message the last player you messaged

/ignore <player name>

ignore the player until next server restart

/ignorehard <player name>

ignore the player forever


list of players you have hard ignored


prevent getting chat messages


prevent getting private messages


prevent getting death messages

Statistics Commands


check server statistics

/ping <player name>

check yours or players ping in milliseconds


check server tps and cpu usage


check how many players are currently online on the server you are on

/joindate <player name>

check the join date of a player

/playtime <player name>

check the playtime of a player

Other commands


get the seed of 6b6t anarchy


get the vote links to get voter rank

/chair toggle

disable/enable sitting on chairs

/ride toggle

disable/enable riding

/ride <player>

ride a player

/ride throw

throw the player of you




login to 6b6t


register on 6b6t


unregister from 6b6t


change your password


email commands for resetting your password


setup 2fa (recommended)


Server Socials Commands


you will be teleported to the 6b6t lobby/auth server


link to the official website


link to the official discord


link to the official donation page

Player Customization Commands


[Voter, Booster, VIP, VIP+] put an item on your head


[Elite VIP] glow

/skin <premium player name>

change your skin


PvP Commands


Get a private/public kit


Create a private kit


Delete a private kit


Rename a private kit


[VIP, VIP+] death particles/effects


You die


info about the arena


go to the spawn

/warp kitcreator

teleport to the kitcreator

/clearinventory (/ci)

clear your inventory


PvP Stats