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What is MultiPaper?

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MultiPaper is innovative software that allows 6b6t to have 1000 player slots on 1.19.2

What is MultiPaper and why does 6b6t use it?

MultiPaper is software that allows multiple Minecraft servers to run in parallel, but share the same world. Every server assigns itself chunks and players to manage, and the software makes sure that no two servers manage the same chunks or players. Using this split of the world, MultiPaper allows 6b6t to have 1000 player slots on 1.19.2.

It broke almost all our plugins

MultiPaper is still in development, and as such, it is not compatible with all plugins and may never be. The key issue is that data are usually only stored inside the memory of the server or on disk. This is not practical for MultiPaper because each server only has access to its own memory and disk.

Is this the future?

Thanks to MultiPaper, any server can now have 1000+ player slots on 1.19.2 with a single world. MultiPaper only is viable for servers that have a large player base and are willing to invest time and money in the development of the software. We are happy to be one of the first servers to use MultiPaper and to help the developers to make it better.

But I don't like 1.19.2!!!

We understand that not everyone wants to have the newest features and that not everyone thinks positive of the update, but we believe that 1.19.2 is the best version for 6b6t. We have been running 1.19.2 for a few weeks now and have not seen any major issues we could not resolve. We are happy to hear your feedback and will try to fix any issues you find.

Is your client not compatible with 1.19.2?

Read our blog post about the update to 1.19.2 to learn how to fix your client and improve performance.

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