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Can a Minecraft Anarchy Server have /tpa and /home commands?

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Should servers like 6b6t and other 2b2t alternatives have /tpa and /home commands?

Can a Minecraft Anarchy Server have /tpa and /home commands?

Minecraft anarchy servers like, and many others are based on the sole premesis that anyone on the server can do anything that they want with no possibility of consequence from the server owners or admins. This means that a player is free to do as the will in the anarchy setting. Notice that in this definition, there is nothing stating that external plugins cannot alter the Minecraft experience. If anarchy could not have any external modifications to the game, then every anarchy server like would be the exact same which removes the novelty of the anarchy experience.

What do /tpa and /home do?

/tpa is a command that lets you ask to teleport to someone. It can be used to meet up with your friends or foes very quickly and often simplifies meeting points for large groups of players. Instead of having to send coordinates and the dimension they are in, you simply have to have the other player send a tpa request to you for you to accept and have them be there in 5 seconds.

/home is a command that lets you teleport to a specific set of coordinates. It can be used to quickly get too and from a base or dupe stash and allows players to very easily navigate between dupe stashes and the wider surroundings, thus allowing for more players at spawn and in general, a better pvp experience.

Should anarchy servers like have /tpa and /home?

It is up to the server admins if they want to have these resources available for their players but taking a look at a more recent server: is a 1 year old anarchy server which has /tpa and /home commands. Since its release only 1 year ago, the server peaks at nearly 200 players which is almost double that of, an older anarchy server with no helping commands.

What are the clear positives and benefits of these commands

Saves time and effort for playersCan disrupt the immersion of the anarchy experience
Can make exploration less risky and time-consumingCan make the game too easy and less challenging
Can make base building and maintenance easierCan lead to abuse and exploitation by some players
Can foster a sense of community and teamworkCan lead to overcrowding and overuse of certain areas or bases
Can help new players get startedCan give an unfair advantage to established players with homes and teleportation points


The /tpa and /home commands contribute to the player experience significantly by providing easy access to other players, bases and dupe stashes which is enjoyed by the majority of the players on the largest 1.19 anarchy server: despite its recent start date. It is thereby reasonable to assume that it gained popularity so quick because of its unique commands.

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