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Top 3 Anarchy Servers for Minecraft in 2023

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The Top 3 Anarchy Servers for Minecraft in 2023: Don't Miss Out on These Exciting Options!

Welcome to our new guide about the top Minecraft anarchy servers to join in 2023. Anarchy servers are the place to go if you want a distinct and thrilling Minecraft experience. These servers don't have any rules or limitations, thus users are free to do whatever they choose. Anarchy servers are a favorite among Minecraft players because of the freedom they offer, which can make for a fresh and unpredictable gameplay.

We hope that you find your new home thanks to our highlights of each server's features and history.

Find Your Perfect Anarchy Server in Minecraft for 2023

#1 Endcrystal.me

Endcrystal me anarchy server 2023 logo

Endcrystal.me is a typical yet dangerous anarchy server running on the Minecraft version 1.19.2. Due to its popularity, it was visited by the popular 2b2t youtuber SalC1 on many occassions and it's known for the hardcore experience without the economy or voting plugins. Zero rules allow for unlimited opportunities and never ending travel on the 3-year-old map. The great performance is possible thanks to MultiPaper. The community is small, but ECME is a classic that you can try out today.

IP: endcrystal.me

#2 6b6t.org

6b6t second largest anarchy server

6b6t.org is quite different from the other options as it offers more casual but still exciting experience with quirky features like /tpa and /home which offer insanely fast travel that utilizes the 1.16 netherite items and blocks as the new cost to use the commands. 6b6t is known for supporting popular and advanced hack clients like Boze Client. There are absolutely zero rules, which includes cheating, and that's why 6b6t is the second-largest anarchy server with over 350 thousand unique visits by independent visitors. We recommend 6b6t to anyone who is looking for a Minecraft gameplay with many dupes and big community.

IP: 6b6t.org

#3 2b2t Australia

2b2t australia fitmc

Our last option has a physical server that is located in a datacenter in Australia, Sydney. This 2b2t alternative known as 2b2t Australia is extremely well known in the community due to the promotion by the biggest anarchy youtuber FitMC. 2b2t AU is still on Minecraft 1.12.2, but it plans to update in the future to the same version as 6b6t which is 1.19. Players on 2b2t australia can find illegal structures and holes which are a part of the server's history. If you're living in the Asian or Oceanian region, this is the perfect option for you.

IP: 2b2t.com.au

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