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About us

6b6t is the first Minecraft Survival Server with 1000 players slots in one world. It is also an anarchy server with zero rules, zero punishments and close to zero limits. 6b6t is the fastest growing and the biggest anarchy server in the world! The server was started on January 16th, 2022, and has merged maps with 7b7t, with many secrets left to find. Created with the hopes of being the best lag-free anarchy server with no queues and with an exciting and fun gameplay, many players have joined the server. Many types of players play on 6b6t, from griefers to builders, from hackers to vanilla players, the server has it all.

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Can a Minecraft Anarchy Server have /tpa and /home commands?

Should servers like 6b6t and other 2b2t alternatives have /tpa and /home commands?