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How to get more homes on 6b6t?

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Unlike other anarchy server, 6b6t.org aims to be unique and fun, that's why there are homes and here is how you can get more of them.

How to get more homes on 6b6t.org?

6b6t is the second biggest and fastest-growing Anarchy Minecraft Server in the world. There are no rules and no restrictions, players are free to do whatever they want with no consequences. To make the gameplay more fun, there are commands like /home and /tpa on 6b6t. To balance the amount of homes, there are some restrictions. Here is how you can unlock more homes:

Amount of homes

  • 1 home - this is given to every player that joins 6b6t for the first time
  • 2 homes - to unlock this, you need 15 minutes of play-time
  • 3 homes - you can get 3 homes by having 2 hours of play-time
  • 4 homes - once you have 24 hours of play-time, you will get 4 homes
  • 5 homes - once you have 24 hours of play-time, join 6 days in a row to get 5 homes
  • 7 homes - VIP Rank
  • 12 homes - VIP+ Rank
  • 20 homes - Elite Rank

Check your play-time - https://6b6t.org/stats

More homes in the future?

Come back to this page every once in a while to see if anything changed! We will also announce it in our discord server.