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1.19 Test Server


The first anarchy server with 1000 player slots and 16 render distance

6b6t Test Server

Video: https://youtu.be/Hy2F9fL2HQ4

This Saturday 6b6t will be testing 1.19.2 and many new features. We would like to take a new approach with 6b6t and here are our 3 main goals:

  • No Rules
  • Free to Play
  • Players have the control


12th of November 2022

Player Slots

6b6t will be the first Minecraft servers to try 1000 player slots on 1.19.2.

Render Distance

The render distance will be 16 while currently 6b6t has 3 and 2b2t has 5.

No Rules

No bans, no mutes, no punishments. Some kicks are built into Minecraft, and they are required for the server to stay online. We want a no rules server which is online.

Free to Play

6b6t Supports both bedrock and java Edition, and we want to completely eliminate queue on our server with 1000 player slots.

Players have the control

We want to allow players to control what chat messages they see, what their TAB looks like and if they see different cosmetics or not. Some of the features will be available on the test server.

The Future of Minecraft Servers

6b6t will be the first survival Minecraft server to have 1000 player slots with 16 render distance if the update is successful. On the test server there will be 1000 player limit and render distance will be 16, compared to 250 player slots and 5 render distance that 2b2t has. We’re working on completely limits on completely removing all the server limits Minecraft ever had and if we’re successful, this will affect all types of Minecraft Servers, not just anarchy.

Customizable settings

This is our first attempt at giving the control to players. With the command /settings a GUI will open where you can control Glow settings, Chat layout and TAB layout. If we receive positive feedback about this command, we will introduce more settings.


The whole test server is translated into the following languages: Spanish and German

Map Limit

On 1.19, the map limit is tens of thousands of times higher. It would take one player few hundred years to reset all the maps...


The Anti-Cheat should be similar to what we have right now


Some clients you could try out are MeteorClient, Wurst and BleachHack.


No, this test server will be online for only few hours and then everything will go back to normal

What to try out?

New anticheat, 1.19 blocks and mobs. The new language system - /language. Commands like /settings, /glow, /chat and /color. Also try new clients, the new map limit and the huge render distance. Enjoy!