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Why does 2b2t have a queue?

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Why does the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft 2b2t have a queue?

Why does 2b2t have a queue?

2b2t currently has only 275 player slots, but why?

2b2t is the oldest Minecraft anarchy server and one of the overall oldest servers in general. It started in 2010 and the server has gained massive popularity thanks to YouTubers like FitMC, SalC1 and The Camping Rusher. Since then, the server is flooded by new players who grief and use hack clients like Boze Client to have higher chances of beating other players and finding their duplicated items.

We have all tried to get into 2b2t at one point

We've all waited in the 2b2t queue for hours on end just to get a glimpse of the oldest Minecraft anarchy server but in order to truly play 2b2t one must decide to spend $20.00 USD per month on the priority queue which is considered pay-to-play by many regular players, As a result 6b6t has gained popularity due to its lack of a pay-to-play queue system. Many 2b2t fans think that the queue is caused by Minecraft's poor server performance but it has recently come out that it's actually possible to host hundreds or even thousands of players with software like MultiPaper, just like does.

Why is the player limit so low on 2b2t?

We believe that 2b2t intentionally has such a low player limit to maximize profits from the priority queue sales. It's estimated that 2b2t earns as much as 50 thousand dollars each month, this number could be way lower if the 2b2t admin Hausemaster increased the player limit. With that high profit, it's definitelly possible to pay developers to improve the server software to handle more players.

Why should you choose a different anarchy server?

This and other 2b2t issues like bans and mutes have caused many players to move to new anarchy servers with no queue like or which are also both on the newest version of Minecraft, 1.19.2. It's likely that once 2b2t updates to the latest Minecraft version, it will still have just 275 player slots.


In conclusion, 2b2t is a business more than a Minecraft anarchy server nowadays and we will hopefully see some changes to the punishments and the queue on the oldest anarchy server. If there are no improvements, more and more hackers and griefers will flood new 2b2t alternatives.

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