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The Content Creators of

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Meet the YouTube and Twitch Creators of and the new Creator Code Program!

The Creators of 6b6t

6b6t start in January 2022. Later on, it bought and merged with it, and now we see ton of YouTube videos being made every day about 6b6t Anarchy. From duping videos, to server reviews and stash hunting, the player base can now watch videos in all languages of the world such as English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Polish about the second largest 2b2t alternative.

Fanlimgames is the first official 6b6t Content Creator with over 100 subscribers on his YouTube channel and 2400 followers on his Twitch Channel. He's known for creating large map arts, building bases, base hunting and many streams which are about chilling and connecting with his community. Fanlimgames is also the first member of the 6b6t Creator Code Program which will be explained below in this blog post.

Fanlimgames Mapart

DesconectadoMC joined as the second official YouTuber for 6b6t Minecraft anarchy only a few weeks later. His videos are in Spanish, but he has added subtitles to many of his videos. His content is primarily focused around 6b6t, but on his channel you can also find many great FPS improvement tutorials and mod installations.

DesconectadoMC Video

Radeon, Ai_24 and xPantherMC are other YouTubers who make great videos about duping, hack clients, configurations and more! 6b6t is still growing, and we might see more creators join as the official Content Creators and our brand new Creator Code Program!

Creator Code Program

To share the success of the 2nd largest Minecraft anarchy server with our community and our creators, we have decided to start a brand new Creator Code Program and as of March 6th 2023. The first two creators, fanlimgames and DesconectadoMC have their own code which can be used in the 6b6t shop. When using the creator code, you will receive a 10% discount and the creator will receive a fair revenue share, so they can invest back into their channel and community. We are very excited to launch this, and the future is looking very bright for 6b6t!

How to use the code?

To use the code of your favourite creator, head to our server shop, select your rank, head to checkout, click Proceed to checkout, enter your First and Last name, email and Country. There you can find a box Support a Creator and inside the box you can enter the code!

Support A Creator Box

What are the benefits of the 6b6t ranks?

6b6t is a non pay-to-win and a non pay-to-play Minecraft anarchy server like 2b2t but without a queue. The ranks give mainly cosmetics to reward the donators who help us keep the server online and pay for various costs. More can be found at our shop.

The List of Creators and their Codes

Here is the current list of the Content Creators and their Creator Codes:

How to Apply?

To join as a Content Creator, you must have 3k+ views on videos about 6b6t or 10+ concurrent viewers on your livestreams. Message one of the owners on our official Discord Server to apply.

The Future

We would love to hear from you what you think about projects and programs like this one. Leave your thoughts and suggestions on our feedback site!

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