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What makes a Minecraft Server "Anarchy"?


2b2t and 6b6t are the most known Anarchy Servers, but what makes them truly anarchy?

Today, the online world of Minecraft Servers is full of Anarchy Servers like 2b2t and 6b6t on the lead. For many these servers are known as toxic and with hackers and griefers. Players usually use hack clients such as Boze Client to gain unfair advantage over other users. On those wastelands, the community is free to do whatever they want, although we've recently seen a rise in fake anarchy servers where mutes and bans are brought back and the owners create hidden rules.

Recently, the 3rd most popular English-speaking 2b2t YouTuber FastVincent has made multiple videos covering the mutes and bans that are now occurring on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. The admin(s) of 2b2t known as Hausemaster have been secretly punishing players for multiple reasons. This has left many players wondering if 2b2t.org is still a good option and if it still is an actual anarchy server.

For many players, an anarchy server should have as little admin interaction as possible with no punishments or admin abuse. Others think some sort of moderation is fine to an extent to keep the server online lag-free. While some parts of the 2b2t community agree, that bans and mutes are fine to stop the spread of doxxing, ddosing and lag machines, there have been many examples of Hausemaster banning players for unknown reasons.

A new Discord Server has been created to cover the history of 2b2t punishments, and they've created a Google Spread to track all the punishments that were given out. The spreadsheet is updated daily and has been used to track the punishments since 2020.

This also explains why many players have moved on to newer anarchy alternatives such as 6b6t (IP: 6b6t.org) as those servers don't have rules and punishments. 6b6t is also known for 1000 player slots thanks to the server's custom software called MultiPaper.

What do you think? Is 2b2t going to fall because of these new rules and is 6b6t going to gain more and more players due it's fair queue-free experience?

6b6t is a 2b2t-like Minecraft anarchy server with no rules and no queue. It has 1000 player slots and active admins who just fix issues. The IP is play.6b6t.org, and it's on the latest Minecraft version 1.19.2.

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