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We are joining forces with 10b10t.org

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The 10b10t.org Anarchy Minecraft Server is now joining the 6b6t family!

What is 10b10t.org?

10b10t.org is an Anarchy Minecraft Server similar to 6b6t.org. 10b10t had been running for multiple years under multiple owners, creating a unique player-base, which put a lot of history into the Minecraft Server.

Why are we joining forces?

10b10t has recently had a fall in player-count, and due to recent incidents with the last owner, the server has been given to our team. Our goal at 6b6t is to keep what is unique about 10b10t, but to contain it safely for years to come.

What is the future of 10b10t.org?

Our team is currently in the process of setting up an archive server that will be available at archive.10b10t.org. This server will contain a copy of the world of 10b10t, but our special twist is that you will only be able to explore it in adventure mode. The main domain 10b10t.org will be redirecting to 6b6t.org, where we will greet the 10b10t players with open arms! We will be working on the archive over the next few weeks and will keep you updated on our progress in the 10b10t discord server.