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The best client for Minecraft Anarchy Servers in 2023

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This is the best Minecraft Hack Client to use on your favourite 2b2t alternative in 2023!

Once Minecraft servers started becoming popular, developers quickly started making their own hack clients to gain advantage over others and sometimes to as far as destroying other servers. Today Minecraft cheat clients are used mainly on anarchy servers but they're also being used to destroy p2w (pay-to-win) survival servers which exploit yound children into spending money.

With so many clients on each Minecraft version like 1.8, 1.12.2 and 1.19.3, which one is the best?

What is a hacked client?

A hacked client in Minecraft is also known as utility mod or cheat client. These clients give unfair advantage with modules such as x-ray, kill aura, flying, crystal pvp and much more. These clients can be installed with an installer or as a forge or fabric mod. They're usually banned on Minecraft servers but on anarchy servers like they're allowed.

Boze Client
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Which type of hacked client should I use?

The hack clients are usually divided into pvp and utility clients. The pvp clients are used for normal sword pvp and today more frequently for crystal pvp with modules like crystal aura and burrow. The utility clients have everything from fly and elytra fly modules to xray and baritone. The cheat client we've chosen is a great mod for both.

Boze Client

Boze Client ($18) is the best paid Minecraft Hack Client with support for multiple Minecraft versions and many modules. The client is receiving frequent updates and it's made by trusted developers. It has both great utility modules and crystal pvp modules. Boze has also beautiful 25 render modules and FPS improving mods preinstalled. You can also use baritone with no issues to travel to your base or out of spawn while AFK. Here are some statistics:

  • 160+ modules
  • 58+ commands
  • 20+ shaders
  • 24/7 access to support team of 25 helpers
  • Developers with 7+ years of experience with hack clients
Boze Renders

Boze is the recommended client by many for 6b6t.

You can purchase Boze here for $18 one-time purchase today. No subscriptions!

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