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This is a list where we publicly reflect on our decisions and actions. We believe that transparency is a key value of our server and that it is important to share our thoughts and actions with the world. We believe that this will help us to be more accountable and not repeat the same mistake again.

November 11th

No text in this statement has been edited or removed. We will only add new text under this and we will link the texts together with *.

Have we ever botted our own server?

No, this has never been the case. 6b6t.org was never botted by its owners, there are only cases of bot attacks from other players/servers.

Have we ever botted other servers?

Yes, we were involved in botting 8b8t.me.

We purchased 7b7t.me from Leee in Feb. 2022 and these were our agreements:

  • He will give us access to his host until we finish downloading the map
  • We will get the Discord role in 7b7t Discord which was lower than an account with lost 2fa codes (that's what we were told)
  • The owner Leee would leave anarchy completely
  • We will get the domain 7b7t.me transferred to us

3 of these agreements were broken by Leee:

  • He removed our host access prematurely
  • He started an anarchy server called 8b8t.me with the same map and player data. It's still running on Nov. 11 2022
  • After a few months, it turns out that "an account with lost 2fa codes" wasn't really lost, so we nuked the 7b7t Discord

Yes, we were botting 8b8t.me, it was a mistake.

Have we ever nuked a discord?

Yes, we nuked a discord we paid for. Most of the players have already moved to 6b6t Discord long before it happened.

Have we ever DDoSed anyone?


Have we ever swatted anyone?


Have we ever doxxed anyone?


Have we ever leaked an IP, email or a password of our players?


Have we ever token-logged anyone?

We were considering it during the "botting 8b8t.me" era (matthewcomputer). Thankfully we never did.

Did we make any money from 6b6t?

As of 10th November we are a few thousands of dollars in loss.

Did we pay any owners for working on 6b6t?

All the owners were working out of fun or for any future profits. There were never any monthly or per-job payments and everyone agreed to that.

Did we kick the two owners TheTroll2001 and Normal Cat?

Yes, we forced them out from 6b6t due to us feeling that the way they represented themselves was heavily damaging the public image of the server. They also became much more inactive over time and we received financial support for server costs only once. We didn't just ask them to leave because we were aware of their private issues which we will not describe in details. They don't have any issues with us anymore.

Did we kick the two owners nixter17 and OllieJW?

Ollie and nixter left by themselves due to our disagreements - we just didn't match. They had much different ideas for the server and there were internal issues.

Was 6b6t P2W?

It depends on what P2W is for you. We've done the following:

  • Give special dupe access to ranks (bad idea that we reverted after 30 minutes) - This was definitely P2W
  • Give special dupe access to ranks that was also possible to get by voting - for a few weeks
  • Give higher render distance to ranks (will be removed in 2022)
  • More homes - Normal vanilla mechanics (pearl stasis) work, and you can have as many alts as you want, so we think this is only slightly P2W.

We would like to apologize to the following people: Normal Cat, TheTroll2001, matthewcomputer, Leee and anyone else who thinks was involved in our wrongdoing. We would also like to apologize to all of our players who have been affected by this.

We hope that you will forgive us and that 6b6t will only improve from now on.