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6b6t is the second biggest and fastest-growing Anarchy Minecraft Server in the world. There are no rules and no restrictions, players are free to do whatever they want with no consequences. 6b6t was started on January 16th, 2022, and has merged maps with 7b7t, which was more than 1-year-old and holds a lot of history and secrets, some of which were found and some that have not. 6b6t was created with the hopes of being better than every other Minecraft Anarchy Server as there was a lack of playable Minecraft Anarchy Servers, from huge queues to unplayable lag, it was created to be the best Anarchy Server that is more exciting, and lag-free, with more commands for more fun.

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Server Statistics

290,545 players joined

Server Age: 215 days old

World Size: 1,638 GB

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X



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