• Java Edition IP: 6b6t.org
  • Bedrock Edition IP: bedrock.6b6t.org PORT: 19132
  • Versions: 1.8.x to 1.16.x (1.12.2 native) MC Bedrock support: Latest
  • CPU: i5 3470
  • RAM: 32 gigs ddr3
  • OS: Ubuntu 18.04 server
  • STORAGE: 2TB HDD with a external 1TB HDD for backups
  • Average TPS: 17 to 20
  • Average Playercount: 40 to 120
  • Current Playercount: 0 / 9000
  • DDOS Protection: https://tcpshield.com/
  • 6b6t is a cracked non vanilla Semi Anarchy server
  • There are only 3 rules
  • 1. No crashing
  • 2. No lagging
  • 3. No advertising
  • Breaking these rules will result in a ban

How to Register/Whitelist:

In order to be able to play on 6b6t with other players please go on to http://whitelist.6b6t.org and whitelist your username. After you can relog and register. This feature is to prevent mass bot attacks. 6b6t is a cracked server which means you can add alts on your client impact and future 6b6t is optimized to work with these clients with minimal annoyance from kicks and rubberbanding.


If you are feeling generous and would like to donate to keep the server up and running, please visit: https://donate.6b6t.org
if this link doesnt work use https://xeradonate.tebex.io

  • Donator1 - - /nc, 10 homes, Priority queue
  • Donator2 - - /nc, /nick, 15 homes, Discord chat bridge access and Priority queue


If you want to support the server without paying, you can vote for 6b6t and get access to the /nc command: https://votefor.6b6t.org


Join the 6b6t.org Official Discord Server to keep up with the latest updates with the server: http://discord.6b6t.org